Cary-Grove Youth Baseball & Softball

CGYBS 2020 Registration


2020 CGYBS Season Registration

Welcome to registration for the 2020 CGYBS Season.

CGYBS Background:

Located in Cary, Illinois, CGYBS serves the baseball and softball needs of over 1,000 kids each year. CGYBS is one of the oldest organized youth baseball/softball leagues in Illinois, originated in 1953 by a group of interested and dedicated volunteers. Conceived to provide organized endeavor for the purpose of aiding, supporting, and coordinating good citizenship, sportsmanship and recreation for the boys and girls of the Cary-Grove community.

League Schedule:

CGYBS leagues are organized by sport (t-ball, baseball, softball) and player age.  Registration begins Dec 2nd, and ends Feb 29th, with early-bird pricing available through Jan 31st.  Teams will be announced in late-March / early-April.  Practice begins early April, league play begins on Monday April 18th, with the league kickoff parade and celebration on Saturday April 18th.  League play concludes with a tournament in mid-June (date may vary depending on weather).

Age Requirements:

  • CGYBS Softball has moved to grade based participation
  • CGYBS T-Ball is now based on a Sept 1, 2020 cutoff date
  • CGYBS Baseball is transitioning our younger athletes into the Sept 1, 2020 cutoff date.  Older athletes will be grandfathered in with the May 1st cutoff date.  Presently, the transition to Sept 1st only applies to 5-6 T-Ball, and to our 7 year old Pinto players. 
  • Next season, it will move to 7-8 year old players, and we will add one year each season.


  • Stallions/Fillies (5-6) co-ed T-ball ($85)
  • Note New Age requirements
  • Player must be 5 or 6 as of September 1st, 2020

Baseball ($220 early bird, $260 Feb 1st)

  • Prior to purchasing a bat for the upcoming season, please make sure it conforms to our league bat requirements.
  • Pinto (7-8) coach pitch baseball.
    • For 7 year olds, age is as of Sept 1st, 2020
    • For 8 year olds, age is as of May 1st, 2020
  • Mustang (9-10) kid pitch baseball.
    • For 9-10 year olds, age is as of May 1st, 2020
  • Bronco (11-12) kid pitch with leadoffs.
    • For 11-12 year olds, age is as of May 1st, 2020
  • Pony (13-14)
    • For 13-14 year olds, age is as of May 1st, 2020
  • Colt (15+ high school) ($155)

Softball (For 2020 season, players will be grouped by grade) ($220 early bird, $260 on/after Feb 1st)

  • Muppet (1st/2nd grade) coach pitch softball.
  • Midget (3rd/4th grade) kid pitch softball.
  • Minor (5th/6th grade)
  • Major (7th-8th grade)
  • Senior (15+ high school) ($155)

CGYBS Registration Process:

There are 6 pages to complete for this registration.

1.  Player Information (name, birthdate, experience).

2.  Guardian Information (contact information)

3.  Selection of CGYBS League (T-Ball, Baseball, Softball)

4.  Player Medical Information

5.  Waiver and Release of Liability

6.  Payment


Family Discount

If you are registering three or more players in your family this season, you will receive a 50% discount on the 3rd+ child's registration fee. (Fee will apply to lowest priced sport). The Discount will apply   It is required to register all (3+) participants at the same time in order to receive the multiple player discount.  (*** see note below).

On the Review Page, there is a link near the bottom to "Register Another Player" - please click on this link to ensure that all of your family's players are registered within the same order.

***Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of your family's discounted rates.***


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